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Bridgnorth Walk 2014
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Goal: £5000.00 | Raised: £4974.00 Started: May 11, 2014
Ended: August 1, 2014

Mind to Mind Myanmar currently runs a charity mental health clinic in Mandalay in collaboration with an established local charity, Brahmaso Humanitarian Aid Organisation, and local psychiatrists. Our clinic is gaining reputation and patients from other towns are now coming to us to get treatment.

We will also be funding another charity mental health clinic in Amarapura called Bawa-Alinn. It is more establised than ours at Bramaso and provides treatment for more patients from the local community. 

Your donation/ sponsorship and our hard work will help many people to regain their quality of life and respect in their community and society. 

NB: Please do not worry if the mercury level in the thermometer does not go up soon after your donation. It requires a manual update but your donation gets to our account safely.

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