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How you can help

What your donation can do

Mind to Mind aims high but remains grounded and realistic enough to start with small manageable projects. Continuing Medical Education programmes for doctors do not require funding from outside. Local pharmaceutical companies provide assistance for such activities. Mind to Mind will facilitate further contribution by other Burmese psychiatrists living and working in the UK for colleagues in Myanmar/ Burma. It is entirely voluntary and there is no financial arrangement or payment of any kind for the contributors. 

Funds from Mind to Mind will be used directly and mostly in the patient care i.e. purchasing medicines. With your generous donations, people with mental illness in Myanmar do not need to be stuck in the status quo. Instead, they will be able to access the treatment that can help them regain their livelihood and respectable place in the society thereby reducing the stigma.

To achieve that, Mind to Mind will run charity clinics in close collaboration with well established local charities/ community groups and mental health workforce. For  sustainability, only one clinic at one site will be set up and run. Supervision for local junior psychiatrists and junior doctors is one of the aims of such clinics. Once the first clinic gains some momentum, Mind to Mind will set up another clinic at a different location to replicate the model.

  • £14 will provide 6 month treatment for a patient with Depression.

  • £16 will provide 6 month treatment for a patient with Schizophrenia.

  • £33 will provide 6 month treatment for a patient with Mania/ Bipolar affective disorder.

NB: The above costing is calculated based on the standard treatment regime for each condition and the average price of appropriate psychotropic medicines (April 2013).

Please click here for either one-off or monthly regular donation using PayPal or direct transfer to Mind to Mind account. 

Help in kind

Mind to Mind is at its infancy stage and needs more like-minded people and organisations to build and strengthen a system and structure to maintain and expand its work. If you have relevant skills and expertise in the fields of mental health care (medical, nursing and social care), public health, health care research, management, social work and allied health professions, please contact us through this link.