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Our activities in 2013

Fundraising Food Fair

Our first fundraising food fair and traditional Htamanei festival was held successfully in Birmingham on the 9th November. It was enjoyed by all who came and supported and altogether, we raised £950 for Mind to Mind. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers and supporters at the event.

Kyaw's visit in May

Kyaw delivered a half a day educational programme for postgraduate students at the Yangon Mental Health Hospital. It was well attended and received with enthusiasm. Feedbacks were collected and will be collated to inform us for future programmes.

Nwe's visit in June

Nwe delivered a session for the GPs at the Myanmar Medical Association on 15/06/2013. It was attended by nearly 60 general practitioners and fresh medical graduates and discussions were lively and encouraging. Feedbacks were gathered and collated for future events.

With great determination and support from local psychiatrist colleagues and Brahmaso, the biggest local charity in Mandalay, a regular specialist session was set up for every Saturday as part of Brahmaso Free Clinic. Mind to Mind will use its funds for medicines used at the clinic. It is a small step but we hope it leads to a big mission.

With the cooperation from Maternal and Child Welfare Association in Mandalay, an educational talk on mental health matters for the public was successfully orgnaised. It was attended by more than 300 people, mainly school teachers. An information leaflet on symptoms of common mental illnesses was distributed to enhance the public awareness and as a step towards anti-stigma movement. The event was mentioned in the regional television news, radio broadcasts and a local newspaper.

Bridgnorth Walk 2013

Bridgnorth Walk of 22 miles was the first energetic fundraising activity of Mind to Mind. With great enthusiasm and participation from Myanmar youths studying at various UK universities and their friends, Mind to Mind successfully raised more than £2,842.72 in total. We thank all our sponsors for their generous donations and hope they would continue their support for our future work.