Mind to Mind Myanmar

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About us

Our Trustees

From October 2020, our trustees are:

1. Dr Bradley Hillier (Consultant Psychiatrist)

2. Dr Damon Mason (Consultant Clinical Psychologist)

3. Dr Sai Kham Thaw 

4. Dr Nwe Winn Thein (Consultant Psychiatrist)

5. Dr Kaysi Thinn (Consultant Psychiatrist)

6. Dr Sophie Thomson (Retired Consultant Psychiatrist)

Our history

Mind to Mind Myanmar was founded in May 2013 by two like-minded Burmese psychiatrists (Nwe Winn Thein and Kyaw Hlwan Moe). Nwe and Kyaw graduated in Myanmar/ Burma and trained as psychiatrists in the United Kingdom. 

Nwe has been actively raising funds for causes related to Myanmar/ Burma since the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis in 2008. She organised a number of food fairs with generous support from her friends and the Burmese community. From 2010 onwards, she has organised sporting activities to raise funds. Her work started with a broad aim for any humanitarian causes for the people in Myanmar/ Burma. As time goes by, her focus has become more on the sector that she knows well and has a good connection with: healthcare. 

Following her recent visits to Yangon Mental Health Hospital and meetings with welcoming colleagues in Myanmar/ Burma, Nwe has finally decided to work mainly for the mental health sector. Her determination and passion to assist colleagues and help fellow countrymen who suffer from mental illness were shared with Kyaw. After much discussion and deliberation,  Mind to Mind has become a reality.