Mind to Mind Myanmar

mental health matters

What we aim to do

Our vision and aims

Mind to Mind believes in creating a sense of ownership and empowerment of local resources. We will be working in collaboration with colleagues and communities in Myanmar for a sustainable positive experience for the people with mental illness and their families.

Mind to Mind's overall vision is to promote mental health of the people at every level of the society aiming at 4 different target groups: specialists, generalists, patients and the public. 

For specialists, 
Mind to Mind intends to assist the Myanmar Mental Health Society in its training and postgraduate programmes and to facilitate their contact with the Royal College of Psychiatrists in the UK for further collaboration.

For generalists, 
Mind to Mind will contribute in the CME (Continuing Medical Education) programmes of General Practitioners as they are the frontline clinicians treating patients in the community. If possible, Mind to Mind wishes to contribute to the training of basic health workers who are essential in the healthcare delivery in remote and rural areas. 

For patients, 
Mind to Mind will initiate charity mental health clinics in Myanmar/ Burma, with the help of local psychiatrists. It will also fund the medicines for the patients at such clinics.

For the public, 
Mind to Mind will explore effective ways and means to promote mental health and to reduce the stigma against mental illness. This will require further collaboration with other sectors, community based organisations and national/ international non-profit as well as funding organisations.